Family-friendly attractions in the Loire Valley

Top 10 Family-Friendly Attraction for Loire Valley Holidays

25 June 2023

Known as the "Garden of France," the Loire Valley offers a magical blend of history, natural beauty, and excitement. Here 10 attractions in and around the Loire Valley that we think families will love. 

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1/ Loire à Vélo

Discover the heart of the Loire Valley at your own pace on La Loire à Vélo. This well-signposted cycling route spans 800 kilometres, offering scenic views of vineyards, châteaux, and charming villages. Equipped with comfortable cycling paths and convenient bike rental services, it promises an enjoyable and leisurely journey through France's Garden.


We say: Cycling along the Loire is refreshing, and it’s a gorgeous way to enjoy the scenery. 


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 7km

2/ Mushroom Cave of Bourré

Venture into the subterranean wonder of the Mushroom Cave of Bourré. This labyrinthine network of tunnels, hewn out of soft tuffeau stone, houses a fascinating mushroom farm. The enchanting guided tour provides insights into mushroom cultivation while the cooler temperatures and mysterious ambiance create a truly unique experience.


We say: The Mushroom Cave is unique and fascinating. Families learn so much, and mushroom tasting is included!


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 23km

3/ Château du Clos Lucé

Château du Clos Lucé, the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci, is an interactive museum and a living testament to the artist's genius. As you wander through the mansion and its park, you can interact with 40 life-sized models of da Vinci's innovative designs. From the double-deck bridge to the parachute, each invention provides an insightful look at the creative mind of da Vinci.


We say: Clos Lucé offers loads of opportunities for the kids to engage with da Vinci's inventions was a proud moment." - Karen, mother of two.


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 26km

4/ Mini-Châteaux Park

The Mini-Châteaux Park allows children to explore the architectural splendour of the Loire Valley's castles on a smaller scale. With over 40 meticulously recreated miniatures, it's a delightful way to learn about the region's history. Adding to the fun, children can navigate the park in mini electric cars, making for an unforgettable adventure.


We say: The kids will have a blast seeing the mini castles, but driving the tiny cars will be their favourite part!


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 27km

5/ Château de Chambord

One of the grandest of Loire Valley's castles and a magnificent jewel of the French Renaissance, Château de Chambord captures the and opulence of a bygone era. Its intricate façade, featuring over 800 sculpted columns, immediately steals your breath. The surrounding estate, a 5,440-hectare enclosed park teeming with deer and wild boar, offers ample space for exploration and wild nature spotting.


We say: The grandeur of Chambord is astounding. Kids will love exploring the expansive grounds. 


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 34km

6/ ZooParc de Beauval

ZooParc de Beauval is one of the most beautiful zoological park in the world, home to more than 600 animal species including charismatic koalas and majestic white tigers. Its varied landscapes, designed to mimic natural habitats, transport you from the African savannah to Australian bushland in just a few steps.


We say: The kids will be thrilled to see so many different animals, especially the pandas!


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 44km

7/ Troglodyte Valley of Goupillières

The Troglodyte Valley of Goupillières offers a unique glimpse into prehistoric life. Nestled within the valley, you'll find a cluster of ancient cave dwellings once occupied by early farmers. As you wander these primitive homes and stables, you can interact with farm animals and participate in hands-on demonstrations, making it an engaging history lesson for children.


We say: The Troglodyte Valley is a unique way of journeying into the past and kids will love exploring the caves.


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 82km

8/ Château de Villandry

Château de Villandry, celebrated for its exquisite gardens, offers a colourful escape into nature. The geometric perfection of the ornamental garden, the bountiful diversity of the kitchen garden, and the tranquil allure of the water garden paint a breathtaking landscape. A dedicated children's garden ensures the little ones have a memorable and educational experience.


We say: The beauty and tranquility of Villandry's gardens is therapeutic, and the children’s garden is a real bonus.


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 86km

9. Futuroscope

Futuroscope is a state-of-the-art amusement park with multimedia experiences that include 3D and 4D cinemas, interactive exhibits, and high-tech play areas. Each attraction, whether it's a thrilling ride into space or a captivating nature film, opens a new window into the wonders of the universe.


We say: Futuroscope perfectly balances learning and fun and is an unmissable experience.


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 144km

10. Puy du Fou

It’s a long drive but well worth the detour - Le Puy du Fou provides a breathtaking journey through centuries of history. This award-winning theme park recreates different periods through stunning live-action shows that boast incredible attention to detail for immersive experiences that feature knights, Vikings, and Romans. Its historic villages and life-sized reconstructions give you a vivid sense of life in ancient times.


We say: The historical re-enactments at Le Puy du Fou are captivating and children will be enchanted.


How far from Domaine de Dugny: 270km

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